NHS systems cyber-attack - how Sussex Partnership has been affected

11 August 2022

The reported cyber-attack affecting NHS systems and subsequent access to patient records, is having a minimal effect on the systems used by Sussex Partnership. 

Last week, the business software and services provider, Advanced, experienced issues with a number of health and care products, including its Adastra software which works with 85% of NHS 111 services and the patient record system (Carenotes) used at Sussex Partnership.

The impact on Sussex Partnership is minimal as we host our own version of Carenotes and don’t host clinical data in the affected data centres. However, the outage is affecting the postcode lookup function as that feature uses one of the affected systems. There is a work around that enables teams to enter that data manually.

Given we are not part of the Advanced data centre, we understand that none of Sussex Partnership's patient data has been compromised. We continue to stay updated with the national investigation and continue to monitor the situation locally.