Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, 7-13 February 2022

7 February 2022

twitter_1200px_675px_300dpi_01.pngThis year is the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week, hosted by HM Government Apprenticeships. 

The theme for 2022 is 'build the future', which highlights how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge they need to embark on a fulfilling career, as well as helping businesses to develop a skilled workforce with the skills required for the future.

We are so pleased to be able to offer a range of apprenticeship courses at Sussex Partnership for both clinical and non-clinical staff, from a Level 2 at GCSE level to a Level 7 Master's Degree level. In 2019, we also became an employer provider, meaning that we are also able to deliver our own, in-house apprenticeships, as well as supporting external courses.

Apprenticeships are a fully funded opportunity for staff to undertake training opportunities alongside their current role, in their usual working hours. From January - December 2021 we supported 200 apprenticeship opportunities.

Our current apprenticeship opportunities include:

  • Level 6 Registered Nurse Degree top-up following completion of the level 5 Trainee Nursing Associate apprenticeship
  • Level 4 Project Management
  • Level 5 Coaching
  • Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree

Stacey Killon, Workforce Transformation Manager (Apprenticeships), said "Apprenticeships are a fundamental way of upskilling our workforce as it supports the development of new skills, knowledge and behaviours. These principles reinforce our organisational strategy in improving the experience of our patients, families, carers and staff.

"If you are considering an apprentice as a form of development and are not sure where to start or if you have the right qualifications, please do get in touch for a personalised discussion. We would love to work with you and develop a career pathway to benefit you and your future career."

To find out more about apprenticeships at Sussex Partnership, go to our careers website: careers.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk/working-for-us/apprenticeships