Study explores benefits of sharing mental health recovery stories

14 January 2021

Trials are underway in Sussex to look into the effect that reading, watching or listening to the recovery stories of others can have on people who are affected by mental health difficulties. 

It is part of a national trial led by a team at Nottingham University and supported by researchers at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The trials are open to people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties, including people living with psychosis, depression and anxiety.  One trial is also open to families and carers.

The online narratives form the world's largest collection of recovery stories and are part of a research project called NEON. First person accounts describe struggles people have had with mental health and their strength, survival and recovery experiences.

Dr Mark Hayward, Director of Research, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: "At a time when our mental health is being affected by the pandemic, it's important to have some hope.

"The narratives available within the NEON study offer this hope, as they bring to life the resilience, courage and creativity demonstrated by so many people when they are recovering from mental health problems.

Most importantly, the narratives are online and can be accessed whenever and wherever they are needed."

The trials are ongoing and anyone interested in taking part please contact or visit