It's good to talk - East Sussex locals encouraged to seek support for their wellbeing

30 June 2022

As World Wellbeing Week draws to a close (27 June - 1 July), an East Sussex mental health service is raising awareness of the importance of seeking support early if you start to notice a change in your mood, stress or anxiety levels.

Health in Mind is a free and confidential NHS service for adults (18+) in East Sussex. The service provides courses and online programmes, as well as a wide range of 1:1 talking therapies, to make seeking help as convenient, quick and straight forward as possible.

Helen Lofthouse, Health in Mind Clinical Lead said: "Health in Mind provides support to people experiencing stress, anxiety and low mood. If you are noticing a change in mood or an increase in anxiety or worry, accessing support early can help you to return to your day to day activities and prevent longer term support being needed.

"When you start to notice those first signs of potential difficulties, remember, you don't need to wait for your mental health to decline before you get the help you need".

According to figures from Mind Charity, it is believed that one in four adults in England will experience a mental health difficulty of some kind each year. Results from a Public Health England survey also showed that 74% of those who waited six months before seeking help wished they had done so sooner.

World Wellbeing Week is an annual awareness week which provides an opportunity for people across the world to celebrate wellbeing in all its forms, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and more.

For more information about Health in Mind or to make a self-referral, go to or call 0300 00 30 130.